Prepare for Real World Pokemon

A look at the Pokemon Go! wearable device (

A look at the Pokemon Go wearable device (

By Wes Smith

A new smartphone app and wearable device will allow trainers to catch Pokemon in real world locations, Nintendo announced Thursday.

In an effort to tap the mobile game market with one of its most popular franchises, Nintendo and Game Freak, the developer of the massive franchise, are introducing Pokemon GO, which will use geocaching to allow players to find pokemon in real time.

Launching in 2016, Pokemon GO will use a free app available through both Google Play and the App Store, as well as a wearable bluetooth wristband. In-app purchases will be available.

The company released a trailer video to showcase the idea in action.

The device, called Pokemon Go Plus, will alert users of nearby pokemon using a vibration and LED light.

Other features hinted at in the video include trades, battles, and even timed raid fights requiring players to join together.

More information will be posted regarding the 2016 release via


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