Gamers Celebrate SEGA Dreamcast’s 1999 Release


By Wes Smith

September 9th marks the birthday of SEGA’s last console, widely regarded as a fan-favorite among avid gamers.

At the time of its release, the Dreamcast was a pioneer in the gaming market, not just for its graphics but its inclusion of a dial-up modem to allow for online play. With the release of Chu Chu Rocket! the Dreamcast turned online multiplayer into a reality for console owners.

Though its third-party support was limited, many of the games released on the SEGA console scored high reviews and are still remembered today. The Sonic Adventure franchise, Phantasy Star Online, and Soul Calibur still carry a weight of nostalgia for owners of the time.

However, the Dreamcast could not hold up against the competition from Sony and Microsoft. With slightly better graphics and wider markets, the Playstation 2 in particular proved deadly to SEGA. The console was eventually discontinued and SEGA moved permanently to become a third-party games publisher, often working with their once-archrival Nintendo.

Recent sales of the discontinued console have reignited interest in its catalog. Some games, such as JRPG Skies of Arcadia still go for as much as new games via Ebay. As a result, though the Dreamcast is no longer made, September 9th remains a reminder of a beloved generation in gaming.


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