Blizzard Implements New HotS Matchmaking

heroes-of-the-storm-logo-1920x1080By Wes Smith

After complaints about the player matchmaking system in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard has implemented a new system to prevent newer players from being matched with veterans.

Despite overall positive reviews, the matchmaking system used by HotS has been a sore matter in the community for some time.

Blizzard rep Spyrian confirmed the changes in a Blue Post on the official forums.

“We’ve created an additional rule for matchmaking in Quick Match that will take each player’s total number of Quick Match games played into account when creating teams,” Spyrian wrote.

“The new rule will not prevent all instances in which new players can be matched with veterans. As an example, this can still occur when a party’s members have mixed levels of Heroes of the Storm experience. Additionally, this change may result in increased Quick Match queue times as the matchmaker searches for players with a similar number of games played to your own”

The game, which launched to the public earlier this year, has carved out a sizeable portion in the MOBA market, even being showcased at the Republic of Gaming booth at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. However, the disparity of player experience in many games had been discussed since the Open beta program.

The change comes as Blizzard prepares to introduce a new champion, Skeleton King Leoric, to the game in upcoming weeks.


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