Sunday Wrap: April 13-19 (The Mostly Star Wars Week)


A review of top headlines for the week from April 13-19, 2015.

Star Wars Celebration Takes Over Anaheim


The annual Star Wars Celebration event took over the Anaheim Convention Center this week as the official launchpad for Disney’s first attempts to lead the iconic franchise.

Nearly every major cast member and above-the-line member was present. Only Harrison Ford, recovering from a recent airplane accident, was unable to make an appearance in person. He did, however, appear in arguably the most poignant moment for the convention as Han Solo in the final moments of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer revealed at the convention.

Director Gareth Edwards was also present on Sunday to give details of his spin-off Rogue One.

You’ve seen this already, but in case you want to watch again:

Batman v Superman Trailer Released

CC_lAchUMAAWaHc 90500

After a leak from the upcoming IMAX preview screenings, Warner Bros. has released the first official trailer for their upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Director Zack Snyder also tweeted the first official posters for the superhero actioner coming in 2016.

Mortal Kombat X Release Woes


The highly anticipated release of the newest Mortal Kombat came this week. Despite highly favorable reviews for consoles, the PC release was riddled with crashes and framerate issues. For many users, the game was not playable on Steam went the game went live at midnight, April 13.

Publisher WBIE has since released several patches addressing the issues, and the ratings have risen into “Mostly Postive” on Steam, though some users still report playability issues of the PC port.


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