Grazer Aims For More ‘Arrested Development’

By Wes Smith

Producer Brian Grazer has unofficially announced the return of Arrested Devlopment for 17 more episodes.

The announcement is unofficial because, while Grazer produces the show and confirmed more episodes in development on Bill Simmons’ podcast, there has not been an official renewal from Netflix, which airs the series.

Grazer gave few details of the new episode order. Release dates, production schedules, and casting are still unknown.

Arrested Development made waves in the television industry as one of the first renewals for a canceled series by a digital streaming service. The show has a large cult following and has been a key tool in turning Netflix into a premiere content creator of original shows.

The return was met with mixed reviews as it turned to a slightly new format of focusing on a certain character for each episode. Grazer did not confirm if the format would be returning or if the show would return to its original storytelling.

Grazer is a producer and head of Imagine Entertainment, alongside Ron Howard. They currently produce another major television success with Empire.


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