‘Rodea The Sky Soldier’ Gets Western Release Dates


Nintendo actioner Rodea The Sky Soldier will come to the Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS for Western audiences this fall, confirmed NIS America.

The game, long in development by former Sonic Team head Yuji Naka, had been MIA for years since it was initially announced in 2011.

Rodea will launch stateside on September 22 and in Europe on September 25. First edition copies of the Wii U version will also come with a complimentary copy of the initial Wii version.

The game, an adventure platformer, follows Rodea, a machine soldier who wakes up after 1000 years to find the Sky Kingdom of Garuda under attack.

Naka had created the game with a Wii Remote in mind, but had remained open to developing the game for a Wii U controller option. The game had then been held up by publisher Kadokawa Games, who was developing the 3DS version.

An anticipated release is sure to be welcome by Nintendo fans, who recently learned that a Wii U Zelda title would no longer be guaranteed for 2015.


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