Nintendo Clarifies New 3DS Decision


Nintendo clarified its decision to withhold the smaller version of its New 3DS console in the U.S. market today.

Speaking with Indiecade East, the company explained the decision to withhold the smaller, more customizable unit in the United States in favor of releasing just the larger New 3DS XL.

“Look, the face plates are super cool, but we’re a different market. Now we have clear differentiation between those three systems. Before, there was a very limited difference between the 3DS and 3DS XL other than size. It was the same resolution, same functionality… now, there’s the 2DS, 3DS, and New 3DS XL, all of which have their own functionality and features,” explained Nintendo’s Damon Baker.

The decision not to release the smaller New 3DS, which had options for customizable faceplates along with a slightly lower price point, disappointed some fans who looked forward to making their New 3DS unique.

Despite the decision, the New 3DS sold 335,000 units in Western markets, according to the company’s latest financial briefing, outselling its homeland launch of 230,000. Many stores had sold out of the limited edition Zelda and Monster Hunter units, and many others were low in stock for the normal New 3DS units.


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