Comic-Con Open Registration Date Set

Banners for the 2012 San Diego Comic Con align in the convention center rafters.

Banners for the 2012 San Diego Comic Con align in the convention center rafters.

San Diego Comic-Con will begin selling tickets on February 21st to the general public, the convention announced on its website today. The first of two major registration dates for Comic-Con attendees, along with hotel registration, Open Registration typically sees hundreds of thousands of visitors attempting to access tickets to the annual convention. SDCC is usually capped at around 130,000 attendees, making the open registration date a highly anticipated one.

Because the event is known to sell out within hours of opening tickets, Comic Con International, the non-profit that organizes SDCC each year, will continue to use a randomized queue in the EPIC Registration System. Users can log in as early as 8 a.m. PST before being placed into a randomized spot in line at 9 a.m. PST.

Those who are able to purchase badges will be able to buy up to three total badges, and dates will be sold individually. Attendees lucky enough to be placed near the front of the queue will also have the option to purchase Preview Night if they are also purchasing tickets for the other four days.

Tickets will be $50 for Thursday-Saturday and $35 for Preview Night and Sunday. Those unable to buy tickets during the first round may be able to purchase tickets at a later date if CCI opens a second sale for canceled and returned tickets.

The annual convention will also be holding another hotel registration lottery with a date set for March 24th. San Diego

Comic-Con is one of the largest annual conventions in the country, taking over downtown San Diego and marking a major release point for major studios, comic book vendors, toy collectors, and other avenues of geek entertainment. The convention hosts panels, outdoor events, concerts, and more as the city prepares for an impact of almost $136 million of direct spending on its economy.

Acta Dinerda will be covering the convention this year as Press. More to come.


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