Zachary Levi To Lead ‘Heroes Reborn’



Chuck star and Comic Con favorite Zachary Levi will be headlining NBC’s 13-episode revamp of the Heroes television series.

The announcement, which coincides with NBC’s TCA presentations, returns Levi to the network that launched his career with spy series Chuck.

Heroes, which ran for four seasons, ended in 2010 after a strong dive in ratings from its a premiere seasons. The show has a cult fan base, however, and the network has long been interested in bringing the show back for a revamp.

“There are a few franchises I’ve always wanted to be a part of, and Heroes is one of them,” Levi said in an interview with “Chuck gave me the opportunity to wield some fun powers, but an entire world with superpowers is a world I’ve always wanted to explore.”

Details of the revamp have been kept tightly under wraps by NBC. The original series focused on a group of people suddenly gifted with superhero powers. It triggered a long line of superhero-based shows and came as the current trend in film and television was just beginning. Former cast member Jack Coleman is the only other confirmed casting for the revamp.

Zachary Levi has garnered attention since his breakout role in Chuck. He was cast as Flynn Rider in Disney’s Tangled and was recently seen in Thor: The Dark World. He also runs the popular Nerd HQ space at San Diego Comic Con, a free event for fans, and acts as an ambassador for Operation Smile.


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