‘Twin Peaks’ To Return In 2016

twinpeaks002The cult television show Twin Peaks will make a return to television via Showtime with new episodes in 2016, creator David Lynch confirmed today.

Since its original run on ABC, the series has become a cult hit with its surreal atmosphere and serialized format that inspired many of today’s shows. It also turned David Lynch into a recognized name in his own right.

Lynch tweeted a special announcement trailer this morning to confirm the new series. According to a report from Variety, the show will mark the passage of time since the viewers last saw the characters 25 years ago, with the new episodes set in modern day and continuing storylines from the show’s second season.

“For those followers of the show who felt bereft when the show ended where it did all those years ago are going to like where it goes from here,” Frost said in a statement to Variety. “And we hope that a lot of people who haven’t been to Twin Peaks yet are going to be equally interested in where the story goes from where we left off.”

Thanks to creators Lynch and Mark Frost retaining the rights throughout the years, they were able to make talks possible with Showtime’s VP of Original Programming Gary Levine, who developed the original run for ABC. They mentioned few details on how moving to a pay cable network could effect the content of the murder-mystery.

The original show, which ran from April 8, 1990 to June 1991, focused on an investigation into the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer in the strange, secluded town of Twin Peaks, Washington. The original run filmed on location before moving to the San Fernando Valley for later episodes. The creators did not hint at where the new run would shoot.

Since its premiere, Twin Peaks has maintained a steady fanbase among Lynch fans and people discovering the show’s unique qualities for the first time. It has influenced and been referenced in several modern shows like Disney’s Gravity Falls, holds a fan-organized panel presence at San Diego Comic Con, and was honored with a tribute by the American Film Institute.

No premiere dates has been set as Frost and Lynch strive to create a show that honors the original.

“This show is a kind of thanks to all of the incredibly passionate fans we’ve had over the years that have kept the show alive and passed it down to the next generation,” Frost said. “We’ve been lucky enough to have one of the coolest, most intelligent, most inquisitive group of people attracted to our show. We’re happy for them that the show is coming back.”


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