Playstation TV Eyes October Launch

Sony's Playstation TV can stream over 700 games at launch. (Sony)

Sony’s Playstation TV can stream over 700 games at launch. (Sony)

Readying for an October 14 launch in North America, Sony has confirmed nearly 700 titles for the launch of its Playstation TV.

The streaming device, which will debut as a standalone at $99 or in a bundle kit for $140, allows users to stream and access games across the Playstation brand. Users will be able to access their PS4 games on other HDTVs in their home, as well as select PS One, Vita, and PSP titles.

Among the titles mentioned in Sony’s official blog are Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, and Final Fantasy. The selection will continue to expand with the goal of allowing access to the Playstation Network and its lineup of PS3 games.

The bundle kit for $140 will include a Dualshock Controller, 8GB memory card, and the LEGO Movie video game. Walmart will have an exclusive version with Sly Cooper:Thieves of Time instead.

The standalone device continues the trend of consoles becoming all-in-one hubs for entertainment in the home. The Playstation 4 has several titles that allow built-in online streaming via, which was recently bought by Amazon in a mega-deal. The Vita has also been promoted as a device that can share titles between devices for Sony console owners.


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